Want To Root your Android Phone? Here is Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rooting Android Phone
What Is Rooting your Device.? Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rooting :- Rooting is the process gaining full access to the previously Restricted features, settings, and performance levels. In other words, the user gets access to the ‘root’ of the operating system and can make fundamental changes. Rooting an Android device gives similar access to Administrative Rights (superuser) Permissions. Which means you can do anything with your Decive After Rooting.You can install latest Android updates on old device by installing third party ROMs. You can install different MODs, kernel and ROMs on your device. You can underclock the CPU to get better battery life. You can overclock the CPU and GPU of your device to get the best performance.You can hibernate any app you want.And that’d mean the ability to make all kinds of changes and install more powerful apps that you can’t use on a Non-Rooted Device. Check below Steps Advantages and Disadvantages
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Advantages Of Rooting Android Phone  :-

  1. Hack WI-FI:-You can hack WiFi network and disable other people’s net connection in the same WiFi.
  2. Free Up Internal Storage:- When you install an app on your phone, it is stored on the phone’s memory. By rooting, you will be able to move installed apps to the SD Card, and thus free up the system memory for more app or files storage. 
  3. Install Custom ROMS:- After rooting your device, you can install different ROM’s, Kernels and MOD’s on your device. Perhaps the best feature of a ‘rooted’ phone. Once rooted you can have one of the hundreds of custom ROMs available that will allow them to do a wide variety of functions. Including speeding up the processor and giving the phone a completely new and different feel. 
  4. Unlock Hidden Features:- With Rooting with SuperUser Permission you can Unlock & install the incompatible & banned or apps that can’t be accessed in a Particular Country or Region. Sounds Good Ryt..?
  5. Run Special Applications:- With a Rooted phone, you can run any Special Applications that is Prohibited or need Root access on your device. With Root Access You can Run Any tpye Of Applications. As compared to Regular/Famous Applications, Root applications provide more Features/Options.
  6. Increase RAM:-  Rooting, also gives you the benefit of increasing the RAM of your device which can boost up the speed and prevents the frequent crashing of apps.
  7. UnderLock/OverLock:-You can underclock the CPU to get better battery life on your device.CPU Clocking is normally not available with un-rooted devices. What you can do with CPU underclocking/overclocking is increase and decrease the CPU (processor) speed. You can get the better battery life or increase the performance of the processor respectively.

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Disadvantages Of Rooting Android Phones :-

  1. Rooting Voids Phone Warranty :- It’s well known that rooting will void your device’s warranty.Unrooting might not work every time. If anything goes wrong to your phone and you send that back to the company even when it’s in the warranty period, the company is going to charge you for the repairs. So Say good bye to wannanty after rooting.
  2. Poor Performance:- Some users experience reduced performance after rooting their phones. Despite the fact that increasing the device performance is what drove them into rooting in the first place. You should remember that by rooting your phone, you are making changes to the stock operating system
  3. Security Risks:- There are some risks for the security of you device. If you install any malicious/banned software or app on your android device it increases the security risk.
    Poor Performance. 

How To Root Android Phone ??

  1. Downlaod Latest KingRoot Apk.
  2. Install and Open App.
  3. "Swtich On" Internet.
  4. Click on "Root".
  5. Wait For Few Moments & Your Phone Will Be Rooted.
  6. Enjoy!
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