You’ve decided to learn to play the guitar, then the next step is to find the right guitar for beginners.

Do not you know with guitars, then you have to rely on the seller and the sold you possibly the most expensive guitar or one that is too long in the shop.

In this article, I’d like to give you some tips on how to find a suitable beginner’s guitar without spending your money on it.

Guitar for Beginners – Which guitar do you want to play?

First, you should think about what kind of music you want to play. Basically, two different guitars are available for beginners:

  • Acoustics (steel strings – even those with pickups, also called “electroacoustics”)
  • Classic (nylon strings)

So you find the right guitar for beginners

If you do not know what kind of music you want to play, check out your music collection. You’ll probably want to play the style of music you hear most.

If Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, or even Taylor Swift are overly represented in your music collection, you’ll probably opt for a steel-sided acoustic guitar.

On the other hand, guitars with nylon strings are perfect for flamenco, classical music and a lot of traditional as well as folk music.

  • 4/4 Classical Guitar, Rosewood Fingerboard
  • The high-quality wooden instrument, made in manual work
  • Incl. Bag, learning songbook, based on karaoke CD, learning DVD
  • qua padded bag, tuner, reading, CD, DVD, Plectrum

Guitar for beginners – string position

What you should pay attention to when buying a  guitar for beginners is the string position. This is the distance from the strings to the fret. If this is low, then the guitar is easy to play because you do not need much power to depress the strings.

If the string position is too high, it is harder to learn on this guitar, also hurt the fingers faster. All this together could discourage you to keep learning.

Therefore, a guitar for beginners should necessarily have a low side position.

How much is a guitar for beginners?

From “very cheap acoustic guitars” should be discouraged. These guitars are usually very hard to play. The fingerboard is very wide, so the strings are far apart and the strings are too high for a beginner.

Although classic guitars have nylon strings that are softer than steel strings, the fingerboard is also rather wide here. Nevertheless, these guitars are offered for beginners in the trade.

As I said in the beginning, which guitar you choose ultimately depends largely on what style you want to play. A beginner’s guitar is literally your extended hand and should therefore at least a little bit reflect your personality.

3/4 or 4/4 guitar for beginners

Only children under the age of 11 should start with a ¾ guitar for beginners. Adults and teenagers should definitely grab a  4/4 guitar . This is the largest version of a guitar.

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Traveler Guitar

  • Scale 650 mm
  • Neck width at the mountain pass: 52mm, waist markings 3/5/7/9/12
  • Cloth not allowed, podium even frames to unauthorized, cream-colored edge inserts
  • Nickel silver frets, sturdy, nickel-plated voice mechanics
  • padded sack with use of rucksack set plus music tray, clip tuner with backlit liquid crystal screen pointer, introduction with many hits beyond CD (music group can modify), 2 picks

Beginner 30

  • Ortega Classical Guitar Colored Family Set
  • High gloss cut in white
  • Body size 4/4
  • Unbleached spruce top
  • Accessories: Ortega R121WH incl. High-quality Gigbag.

What else do you need besides a guitar?

Guitar for beginners – guitar bag

Whether you opt for an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, both need a  bag or suitcase. A guitar is a sensitive instrument that must be protected from dirt, dust, and shock, but above all moisture. If you plan to stay in touch with your guitar and take it with you everywhere, then it’s best to opt for a guitar bag that you can carry like a backpack.

Best Guitar bags 2019

Guitar for beginners – music stand

Especially as a beginner, you will need a music stand. One would think, with a music stand, nothing can go wrong. We advise against buying one of the cheap brass music stands. Recommended are stands with a closed, large plate. If you also use your iPad for learning, then you can also keep that safe on such an emergency stand.

Belt and pick

The choice of belt and pick is almost unlimited. Go with your preference, which fits best with you and your guitar for beginners. A nylon pick is enough for the beginner and the strap has only two things to consider:

  • He is at least 6 inches wide to prevent neck and neck pain
  • Choose a strap that you can really attach to your guitar.


  • Ceiling honey-colored, the scene beyond mahogany tinted, black edging
  • Nickel silver frets, sturdy, nickel-plated voice mechanics
  • Scale 580 mm
  • Neck width at the saddle: 45mm
  • Padded carrying bag by means of backpack set also music compartment

Tuner or tuning fork

To really enjoy your success, it is important that your guitar is always well-tuned. A tuner can be very helpful. Especially at the beginning, if you are not so familiar with the sounds of your guitar for beginners. An investment worth the money. You can still switch to a tuning fork later. Once you become a professional, you will only tune your guitar by ear because you simply know in your sleep how harmony sounds.


For many guitar players, a stool is suitable. It is slightly higher and you can also support your feet so that your guitar does not slip down for beginners.

Many people who specialize in classical guitar, have their own armchair, with one-foot stand. Here is the same as for the stool. The foot stand will help you to take the right posture while keeping the guitar firmly in place.

How much money should I spend on a guitar for beginners?

For a guitar, for beginners, you should not spend more than 250 euros. Again, different manufacturers have different prices.

Basically, one can say that for a beginner a guitar from 60 € is OK. Later, you can still change to a more expensive model.

However, if you have the money at hand, then you can invest a bit more of it right away. Of course, with a more expensive model, you’ll have much more fun.

Guitar for beginners – Which price range makes sense?

A  guitar for beginners, which costs more than 250 €, you should not buy under any circumstances. Of the advantages of guitars in this price range, you will not benefit as a beginner anyway. In general, a  beginner’s guitar should cost around 60-250 €, depending on how much budget you have.

Martin LX1E Acoustic Guitar

  • 7/8 classical guitar, nylon strings (ready to play), cast: spruce, attic more frames: linden tree
  • Fingerboard: rosewood, frets: silver, scale: 620 mm
  • Guitar bag over rucksack set also music compartment, guitar school with CD on top of DVD
  • 6-tone pitch whistle, 3 picks of different colorants, 1 group of guitar strings
  • Rank: Approx. 1.8 kg