Download WhatsApp Status Photos or Videos on Android & IOS – Are You Still Asking Your Friend to send a photo or video which they have uploaded on their WhatsApp status?

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Well, I usually get 5-6 messages daily to send my uploaded WhatsApp status either it is an image or video, If you have the same situation like me, make sure you share this post with your friends and say “shut up and download it yourself”

How to Download WhatsApp Status

  • Download WhatsApp Status App – LINK 1 | Link 2 from play store. (Anyone)
  • Open App, Now Choose the WhatsApp status you want to download (Video or image)
  • Finally, Click on “Download” button and that’s it!
  • You have successfully downloaded Your friends or family member WhatsApp Status without begging or asking them to send the video or image!

Another Method is using moded WhatsApp like (gbwhatsapp, whatsapp++), where you will find a download button on the app itself, but we don’t recommend it since it’s not safe to use – NagStud

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